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Welcome to City Focus - the Podcast from the League of Oregon Cities

Jan 23, 2020

Recently, the Oregon Legislature completed their final “legislative days” in advance of the short session that starts February 3.  This session is confined to 35 days, which means it concludes on March 8. Legislative days represents the final check-in on priority bills from both chambers and party leadership.

The LOC’s priorities for 2020 remain an extension of the 2019 priorities set by the League’s eight policy committees. During the short session, the LOC government relations team will focus on:

  • A broadband bill, LC 1(a rerun of HB 2184 that did not pass in 2019);
  • Additional mental health resources;
  • Water quality infrastructure funding; and 
  • Working with the governor’s office on wildland fire preparedness.

LOC’s government relations team has already met with all levels of leadership to share city priorities, including budget requests. A small group of city leaders recently joined LOC Executive Director Mike Cully and Legislative Director Jim McCauley this week for a meeting with Governor Brown.

In this episode of City Focus, Legislative Director Jim McCauley breaks down the LOC’s 2020 priorities and explains what cities might expect from this short session.

Show Notes:

Jim McCauley, Legislative Director

LOC Legislative Advocacy Staff Contacts